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Masunaga 1905

Meet the legendary Japanese collection by Masunaga.


Best known for their craftsmanship, first-class materials, engineering excellence and understated design.



A Level of Excellence

Masunaga (Masunaga Optical) commands a rich heritage and uncompromising commitment to quality. They have single-handedly influenced Japan’s eyewear industry and beyond their borders. The collection only works with the finest materials and the best manufacturing process.


They rely on time-honoured craftsmanship to produce eyewear that is a premium, rich in detail, and always with that “Masunaga” touch. It’s no surprise that the company has delivered eyeglasses including a Masunaga frame to the Japanese royal court for generations.


Japanese Eyewear Birthplace

The roots of MASUNAGA go back to 1905. The optical pioneer Gozaemon Masunaga originally started the company under his own name in the Fukui region of Japan. His mission was to raise the level of eyewear manufacturing by hiring workers from Osaka and Tokyo and setting up a guild-like system to teach the skills of the optical industry to young craftsmen.


Masunaga has established itself as a global brand acknowledged for its high level of excellence. The Fukui region has become the modern epicentre of Japan’s eyewear manufacturing industry. In recognition of their excellence, Masunaga was invited to present three solid gold optical frames to their Japanese Emperor as a gift in 1933.


Fukui ranks as one of the world’s top three manufacturing hotbeds for the optical industry along with China and Italy. The region of Fukui produces 97% of all Japanese-made optical eyewear frames. 


Tradition for Craftsmanship

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Masunaga (Masunaga Optical) continues to raise the bar with meticulous, manual manufacturing processes and the finest materials. Few eyewear brands are able to skillfully combine traditional craftsmanship and modern-day design. 


All steps are kept in-house. Masunaga glasses require more than 200 steps. They spare no shortcuts. Many companies try to automate all of their processes to remove possible human error, the Japanese company is all about hands-on craftsmanship.


They use the best quality materials including hand-polished acetate, pure titanium, durable hinges, and signature rivets. It can take a few glances to fully appreciate the mastery of their detailed craftsmanship. Masunaga is in charge of everything from raw materials to production and finish. This improves the quality. Even the molds are always built in-house and any flaw can be corrected instantly.

The Enduring Vision

Only a few companies in the world have the depth in heritage and respect to the level of Masunaga. The brand vision comes to life in original designs with attitude, style, and Japanese craftsmanship. In this era of mass production, outsourcing, and supply chain management, the company has chosen a path that relies heavily on the hands-on creation process. It’s a rare statement of dedication. You’re in good hands when it comes to Investing in hand-made glasses and sunglasses by Masunaga.

Masunaga Optical FAQ

What is Masunaga (Masunaga Optical)?

Masunaga or Masunaga Optical is a luxury glasses company located in Fukui, Japan.  They were founded in 1905.  They pride themselves on meticulous craftsmanship and have built their manufacturing process over the years.  

They are known for a no-compromise approach to making great glasses, they don't rush, and they make great eyewear.  

Masunaga Optical has countless steps in its process and Masunaga optical delivers.  

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