Eyewear Series: Cutler and Gross, ENGLAND

Origin: England Designed in England Handmade in Italy

Best for

  • bold,

  • masculine,

  • individual,

  • eccentric

Cutler and Gross was founded in London, England in 1969.

Cutler and Gross played an integral role in shifting the perception of eyewear glasses from medically necessary to a fashion statement that can elevate your look. Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, friends and optometrists, founded the brand in the Knightsbridge neighbourhood of London, England. Cutler and Gross is a British luxury eyeglasses brand that combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with irrefutably cool style.

The founders of Cutler and Gross believe that handcrafted eyeglasses and sunglasses should have noticeable imperfections, which is a sign that it’s handmade. This gives eyewear glasses character and make them unique to the wearer.

Cutler and Gross gained international exposure and captured the attention of influential celebrities including

  • Sting,

  • Madonna, and

  • Princess Diana.

You can find one of their iconic designed eyewear featured in the movie “The Kingsman: The Secret Service” which you can find at in Inglewood Calgary.

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