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Dry Eye Consultation and Treatment

Say goodbye to dry, itchy, red eyes at Respect Eyecare.

Let's face it, we live in one of the driest places in the world. This is compounded by digital device use, oral medications, hydration, caffeine intake (who likes their coffee?) and natural aging.


We now know that dry eye is a disease and have figured out in-office and at-home therapy to treat it beyond simply relying on generic artificial tears at your local pharmacist. 


Please do not tell us you use Visine! 

Do your eyes constantly bother you? As an experienced eye doctor, we are well-equipped to address your concerns and offer a comprehensive solution.

Understanding Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease, also known as dry eye syndrome, is a common ocular condition that occurs when the surface of the eye lacks proper lubrication and moisture. This deficiency leads to discomfort, irritation, and various symptoms, including:

  • Blurred vision

  • Pain or aching

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Excessive tearing

  • Foreign body sensation

  • Redness

  • Burning

  • Gritty or sandy sensation in the eyes

  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses

  • Stinging sensations

  • Eye fatigue

  • Difficulty with nighttime driving

  • Sensitivity to wind and smoke

  • Challenges with activities like reading, watching TV, or using a computer

What Causes Dry Eye Disease?

There are several factors contributing to dry eye disease, including a decrease in tear quantity or quality, often referred to as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and underlying medical conditions can also play a role. These factors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Autoimmune diseases, diabetes, Sjogren's syndrome, and thyroid issues

  • Medications like allergy pills, decongestants, hormone treatments, antidepressants, birth control, and eye drops with additives

  • Use of medicines such as Accutane for acne treatment

  • High blood pressure

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Smoking or vaping

  • Inadequate vitamin A intake

  • Abnormal eyelid function

  • Extended screen time

  • Hormonal changes in your body

  • Exposure to dry, smoky, or windy environments

  • Insufficient water consumption

  • Wearing contact lenses

  • Past eye surgeries, including laser eye surgery and cataract surgery

How Dry Eye Disease Affects You

Dry eye disease can significantly disrupt your daily life by causing:

  • Blurred vision

  • Light sensitivity

  • Eye fatigue

  • Contact lens discomfort

  • Reduced productivity

  • Impaired nighttime vision

  • Emotional stress

  • Limitations in outdoor activities

  • Frequent use of eye drops

  • Impact on social interactions

These symptoms can vary in both intensity and diversity, highlighting the importance of an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Our clinic is well-prepared to provide the specialized care required to optimize your eye health.

What Can We Do for Your Dry Eyes?

To address your Dry Eye Disease, the first step is to schedule a Dry Eye consultation to identify the underlying cause of your dry eyes. A tailored treatment plan will be devised to address your specific needs. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatment options, including:

  • Preservative-free, hyaluronic acid artificial tears

  • Lubricating eye gels or ointments

  • Prescription eye drops

  • Eyelid hygiene products

  • Eye masks

  • Vitamins and supplements for eye health

  • Punctal plugs

  • LipiFlow

Introducing LipiView and LipiFlow

LipiView and LipiFlow are FDA-approved medical devices designed to diagnose and treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a common contributor to dry eye syndrome. MGD disrupts the production of essential oils in the meibomian glands, leading to reduced tear stability and compromised ocular health.

The TearScience® LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System is a state-of-the-art medical device used by physicians to address MGD. The system comprises a Console and a single-use sterile device known as the Activator and operates without the use of drugs. Eye care professionals use the LipiFlow® System with confidence and efficiency to treat MGD patients in-office.

The LipiFlow® System represents over a decade of dedicated research and employs a phased pressure profile with adaptive force equalization and proximal-to-distal peristaltic motion to evacuate gland contents as the inner lid is gently heated. The LipiFlow® procedure focuses on the Vector Thermal Pulse Technology (VTP), which does not require the use of drugs and safely delivers therapeutic energies to the meibomian glands while protecting the delicate structures of the patient's eye. As a result, the obstructed meibum is liquefied and pushed up and out of the gland orifices, providing significant relief.

Key Messages for you to know:

  • Up to 86% of dry eye patients have signs of MGD.

  • LipiFlow® has been shown to increase gland function threefold, on average, with just one treatment.

  • Safety and long-term effectiveness have been demonstrated in peer-reviewed studies.

  • LipiFlow® technology is utilized at both ophthalmology and optometry clinics.

  • LipiFlow® is available in over 1,000 practice locations in the United States and Canada as of February 2021.

Benefits: The Science Behind LipiFlow®: The LipiFlow® System employs Vectored Thermal Pulse (VTP) Technology, which uniquely applies heat and peristaltic motion to the eyelid to remove gland obstructions and stagnant gland content. A vaulted design shields the cornea while multiple sensors monitor and regulate heat and pressure throughout the treatment, ensuring maximum results and minimal discomfort.

Proprietary heating technology ensures precise temperature regulation with continuous feedback, applying consistent heat to the meibomian glands. The insulated and vaulted design of the Activator safeguards the cornea from unsafe temperatures.

Intelligent pressure feedback sends pulsed sequences to expel blockages and stagnant material from the gland, maximizing gland clearing while safeguarding the eye from unnecessary intraocular pressure.

The LipiFlow® Activator features a vaulted cornea shield, insulation to protect against unsafe temperatures, and a lid warmer with multiple redundant sensors to ensure safety.

Indications & Safety Information: The LipiFlow® System is intended for the application of localized heat and pressure therapy in adult patients with chronic cystic conditions of the eyelids, including Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), also known as Evaporative Dry Eye or Lipid Deficiency Dry Eye.

Contraindications: The LipiFlow® System should not be used in patients with certain conditions, such as recent ocular surgery or active ocular infections, as it may cause injury.

Precautions: The LipiFlow® System may not fit all eyes, and its use in patients with specific conditions may result in reduced treatment effectiveness.

Adverse Effects: Potential adverse effects of the procedure may include eyelid/eye pain, eyelid irritation, ocular surface irritation, and other ocular symptoms. Serious adverse events, while not anticipated, are possible, including thermal injury to the eyelid or eye.

Please note that the information provided is a summary and does not replace a consultation with a qualified eye care professional. If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms, we encourage you to reach out to us for an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan using LipiFlow. Your ocular comfort and health are our top priorities.

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