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  • View our collection of handcrafted glasses from around the world. Call...
    30 min
  • No eye drop or air puff exam with ultra wide-field retinal imaging. Ca...
    45 min
    165 Canadian dollars
  • No eye drop or air puff exam, retinal imaging, and contact lens update...
    1 hr
    185 Canadian dollars
  • Full eye exam with how to put contacts on and off on the same visit. C...
    1 hr 30 min
    250 Canadian dollars
  • This includes follow up, eye dilation, and contact lenses. Call us at ...
    30 min
  • Sudden change in vision, painful, red eye covered by Alberta Health.
    30 min
  • Picking up your glasses or contact lenses purchased from our shop.
    10 min
  • Complimentary for glasses purchased from us. Possible fee for others.
    10 min
  • Includes doctor recommended retinal imaging for all ages 3+. Please do...
    15 min
    50 Canadian dollars
  • Includes doctor recommended retinal imaging. Eye drops or air puff fre...
    45 min
    50 Canadian dollars

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