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Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin is a highly sought after collection worldwide. They are constantly redefining their adventurous shapes, colours, and eyewear glasses material combination.

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The collection is founded on a love story of a husband and wife who collaborated for over 30 years to bring us the concepts and designs we see today. Valentin received his Optician degree in France in 1980 and opened up their optical store in Paris. Valentin managed the optical side of their business, while Anne curated the aesthetic and window displays of the shop. They were eager to offer a different approach than the norm at the time: a unique selection of original eyeglasses with a radically different philosophy. From day one of opening their store, they steered away from adapting a customer’s face to a frame. They decided to take a more comprehensive approach which considered how their customer’s move, live, and think. This philosophy helped them to find the perfect eyewear to match their customer’s unique personalities.


They soon discovered that there was a divide in the eyewear industry for well-fitting, designed, colourful eyeglasses that matched their approach, Anne began draw her first design and prototype and launched their first collection in 1984, which we now fondly know as Anne et Valentin. Their creations are original, colourful, lively, innovative, and technical works of art that respect those who wear them. Anne et Valentin desired people to find the perfect frame, and not conform to the fashion trends of the day.


Their headquarter is in Toulouse, a small town in the south west of France. They have been working with the same factories located in the French Jura mountains since their inception 30 years ago. Anne et Valentin’s titanium models are manufactured in Japan because the best titaniums are Made in Japan.

Anne et Valentin originally sought out to create unique eyeglass frames for their friends. Today, our friends at Anne et Valentin creative studio continue to research, design, and craft eyewear glasses fuelled by the highest standard and love for design and eyewear. A well known quote from the founders is, “Using colour to improve expression.” Color is a language that can speak volumes on a face. Anne et Valentin are masters of layering and complimenting colours to get an unexpected result.

Anne et Valentin cultivates personalities of deep, curious and surprising. They come from all ages, styles, genres:

  • art,

  • architecture,

  • photography,

  • plastic arts,

  • fashion,

  • cinema.

They believe that everything is a source of inspiration to our

  • creative flow,

  • movement,

  • transformation,

  • color,

  • and matter.

Their imagination stretches beyond average thinking.

The company continues to hand make all of their eyeglass products since they started selling eyewear in the 1980s. There is a natural quality, passion, and love when something is handmade, which gives a product character and a unique personality.

Anne et Valentin FAQ

Who makes Anne et Valentin Glasses?

The Anne & Valentin (Anne et Valentin) brand was born in Toulouse, France. The company has a strong “Made In France” moral commitment. Anne et Valentin has been working with the same factories located in the French Jura mountains since they started, 30 years ago.  


The only Anne et Valentin glasses made outside of France are a few titanium models that are manufactured in Japan because the very best titanium is Made in Japan.

Who is Anne et Valentin?

Anne et Valentin (Anne Valentin or Anne & Valentin) is a high-end French eyewear brand that actually embodies “haute couture”.


The style is somehow non-conformist, high-end, and elegant without looking manufactured or like they are trying too hard.  Anne et Valentin was established in 1984 in the perfect little city of Toulouse in Southern France,


The Anne et Valentin brand was named after its founders, Anne and Valentin.  They started with simple ideas but the result has been full of luxury.  Anne et Valentin or Anne Valentin as a brand has truly made a mark on the luxury glasswear industry. 

Where is Anne et Valentin From?

As mentioned above Anne et Valentin is from France, that is where they started and the headquarters is still there.  

Anne et Valentin also have glasses shops in Paris France, New York City, USA and Seattle USA.  Anne et Valentin glasses are also available from numerous glass-wear retailers across the world.  Respect Eyecare is proud to have Anne Et Valentin glasses in your shop.  We also have similar technologies in other luxury glasses as well.  

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