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Lens Warranty

Making Eye Care Easy

At Respect Eyecare, your investment is protected!

We love making things right and treating patients the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Worry free purchases and worry-free service, come and experience the Respect Eyecare Difference


Our Warranty Program


Scratch Replacement:

  • We offer a 1-year, 1-time replacement for scratches on premium lenses. Please note that covered scratches are those that do not penetrate below the surface of the lens coating. To check, gently run a finger over the area. If it feels raised or cracked, it is not covered. Smooth defects are covered. If unsure, our professionals can assist you.

Progressive Lens Guarantee:

  • Concerned about trying new lenses or progressives? Test them risk-free for 90 days. For any non-adaptation to progressive lenses, we offer replacements with Single Vision focus lenses. Any remaining balance can be applied toward future eyewear purchases.


Defective Frame Replacement:

  • If your frame exhibits a manufacturer's defect, we provide a one-year, one-time replacement for the defective part.


Lifetime Services:

  • Complimentary lifetime adjustments

  • Complimentary lifetime nose pad replacement

  • Complimentary refills of cleaning solution (original bottle only)



  • No warranty on discounted or clearance frames

  • 30 day warranty on non-premium (value package) lenses

  • Cleaning solution refill includes our original bottle only.


  • We do not offer frame exchanges.

  • We encourage customers to carefully consider their frame choices before making a purchase. Our team is available to provide assistance and guidance to ensure your selection meets your needs and preferences.

Contact Lenses

  • Rip or tear or lose a disposable contact lens purchased from our store? No problem, we will replace it at no charge.

  • Lenses not working or prescription change within a year? No problem, we will exchange your unopened boxes at no charge for the updated prescription.

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