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  • Where can I find you?
    We are in the beloved neighbourhood of Inglewood Calgary in the shiny new Avli building 1020 9 Ave SE, unit # 112, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 0S7. We’re street-facing on Inglewood’s main avenue next to the Hose and Hound pub and across the street from Bite Grocery and Gravity Espresso Wine and Bar
  • Is parking available?
    Paid street parking is available right outside our shop Monday - Friday 11AM - 3:30PM and Saturday 9AM - 6PM. Free parking all other days and times. Alternative Parking: - Free parking is one block north of us along 8 Avenue SE. - Paid street parking is also available on 9 Ave SE, and free after 3:30pm Monday to Saturday, and free on Sundays. - The Avli condo has paid underground parking lot that can be accessed from the back alley, rates are $3/hour. Check out our handy dandy parking map.
  • Can I just walk in or do I need an appointment?
    Walk ins are welcome for shopping, eye exams and eye emergencies. In the event we are fully booked, we may book a time for you to return. Since we take our time with each patient, we have limited eye exam slots each day so we recommend booking an appointment online or by calling us at 403-454-5880 during open hours. This allows us to ensure we give you our undivided attention.
  • I have an eye emergency, what do I do?
    We've got your back (or more like your eyes). If you have a red eye, discharge, foreign body, pain, light sensitivity, or you just don’t know what’s going, then come in and Alberta Health Care (AHC) will cover the cost of your visit. All Albertans, regardless of age, are covered by AHC an ocular emergency visit by a licensed Optometrist. Save the visit from the ER or walk-in Family Doctor and come see us. We welcome same day emergency visits - just give us a call at 403-454-5880 so we can advise on the best time to come in to reduce your wait time. Read more on eye emergencies.
  • Do you direct bill to insurance for eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses?
    We offer direct billing to a handful of insurance providers including Alberta Blue Cross, Canada Life (formerly Great West Life), Sun Life, Green Shield Canada, Manulife, and many others. See the full list of insurance providers we direct bill with. If your health insurance company isn't one we can direct bill to, we will ensure you have all the receipts you need to submit a claim after your visit.
  • Are you accepting new patients?
    Yes, we are always accepting new patients! We do not require your file from your previous eye doctor in order to take care of you, although may request their office to fax it to us in the event you have a complicated case history that will assist us in providing the best care possible.
  • What is the cost of an eye exam? Are eye exams covered by Alberta Health Care?
    Annual adult eye exams are $165 for comprehensive vision and eye health testing including digital, high resolution optomap retinal imaging. If you wear contact lenses then the exam is $185 for glasses and contact lens prescriptions all-in-one visit. Adult eye exams are not covered by Alberta Health, but many company insurance plans will contribute to an exam every 2 years. Check with your insurance provider what your coverage is as each plan differs. Eye exams for children under 18 years of age and 65+ are $50 for optomap retinal imaging scans, and the rest is covered under Alberta Healthcare. Find out more details about our services and fees.
  • What is included in your eye exam?
    Caring for your eyes, a complimentary beverage from our mini fridge and good company! A visit to the eye doctor at Respect is meant to feel relaxed and comfortable. In your comprehensive eye exam, we will review your overall health, eye health and vision. We'll cover a number of tests (none of which you need to study for!) such as a cover test, pupil reactions, eye muscle movement, visual acuity, retinal exam, and a slit lamp exam. We are proud to offer technology that does not require a dreaded air-puff in the eye nor dilation drops - except in rare cases. Read more about what to expect in our eye exams.
  • Do you carry Anne et Valentin, Cutler and Gross, l.a. Eyeworks, and Masunaga?
    Yes, yes and yes! Come on in and check out our eyewear collection in person.
  • What is Binocular Vision?
    Great question. Binocular vision is when both eyes are functioning normally and sending individual signals to the brain and then the brain fuses these signals into a conherent singal signal. When the individual signals from the eyes and the meshing of those signals in the brain breaksdown, that is when you start to see binocular breakdown. Check out our article for more in depth information.
  • What is Amblyopia?
    Amblyopia is also known commonly as a lazy eye or wandering eye. This generally occurs when there is a loss of vision in one eye or in both eyes.
  • How Much Screen Time is Too Much for a Child?
    We take this question to heart when it comes to our childrens' exam, and make it our mission to educate all of our parents, especially the new parents, the impact screen time has on their kids’ eyes. Check out our FULL article on the subject.
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