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Dr. Steven Hoang

Optometrist & owner

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Optometrist Calgary



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Dr. Steven Hoang

More About Our Optometrist


It all started when…

I experienced firsthand the frustrations of buying and wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. I worked at many clinics from corporate to private. I never enjoyed the uninspiring experience and rushing people through their eye exams.


This journey led me to create an Optometrist Calgary-owned clinic called Respect Eyecare in Inglewood: a home where people can find honest care and handcrafted eyeglasses.

I trained at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science. I was President of the Canadian Association for Optometrist Students’ and Executive Committee Member of Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity. I had the honour of being nominated by my professors to return as an alumnus speaker for the honorary White Coat Ceremony.

My clinical training consisted of volunteering internationally on eyecare mission trips to Peru and Guatemala. I chose to intern at a contact lens specialty clinic in Melbourne, Australia. I attended professional development lectures hosted by the headquarters of Johnson and Johnson, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, and Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB).

I was awarded with the

  • Canadian Association of Optometrists Dr. Margaret Hansen des Groseilliers Award

  • American Optometric Foundation J. Pat Cummings Fellowship

  • Faculty of Science Foundation Educational Travel Award

I have served at Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) offering eye exams in Calgary to low income residents as part of a multi-disciplinary health provider. I am the Canadian content writer for Covalent Careers and have contributed to articles to the Alberta Association of Optometrists. I enjoy all parts of a practicing as an Optometrist in Calgary: routine exams, eye emergencies, kids exams.

My particular interests are

  • assessing and treating dry eyes,

  • myopia control, and

  • specialty contact lenses fitting including RGP, mini-scleral, hybrid, keratoconus, multifocal, and astigmatism.

I chose to open the Optometrist Calgary owned clinic Respect Eyecare in the historic neighbourhood of Inglewood because of the unique community of people that make it rich in character and charm. I genuinely enjoy serving as the local Optometrist in Calgary.


Yours truly,

Dr. Steven Hoang OD

Optometrist Calgary