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Germano Gambini

Germano Gambini has a long standing history rooted in Italian craftsmanship.

A technically perfect collection, made with attention to the smallest details, flawless synthesis of a refined and contemporary aesthetics. They like to experiment with less obvious colors, exploring unusual shapes, or radically change the elements of a frame.

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The founder Mr. Germano Gambini was an innovative designer of extraordinary creativity, an eclectic, fascinating character, and a forerunner of fashion trends. He always focused on quality, glamour, elegance, colour madness and clean lines. 

As of 2011, the torch has been passed on to his daughter Paola who has been promoting actions to add value to Germano Gambini, creating a bridge between past and present. She collaborates with professionals in style, marketing, and graphics.

Germano Gambini is partnered with Faoflex in Italy as of 2008, a Treviso based company that has been producing frames since 1974. The two companies have shared values aimed at creating a product that exudes comfort, aesthetics, high quality and, above all keeping the care of their followers in mind.


There are over 100 steps to manufacture a single frame. Germano Gambini exclusively use Italian metal and Mazzucchelli acetate. the industry best in acetate, are combined with craftmanship techniques including

  • tumbling and finishing up to the ennobling of the metal enamelling, and

  • the application of precious details for limted edition frames.


All of this attention to detail and care makes Germano Gambini a genuinely certified "Made in Italy" business.

The first collection Germano Gambini produced in the 1970s is called “i LEGGERI”, which is translated as 'the light’. The concept was born from the pencil of Germano Gambini with the aim to create a pair of glasses that do not fall on your face, but that would benefit their unique facial features: simple lines, essential, original shapes, bright colors.


It’s their most popular and widespread collection, born from the vision of making glasses that are comfortable to wear, while highlighting the unique features of a person's face. They are the first “light weight frames” weight only 8 grams, and come in a range of colors and shapes that are extraordinarily attractive. Today the collection presents models for women, men and unisex, from eyeglasses to sunglasses, with new forms and colors including classic designs that are always being updated and reinterpreted. 

Today the 'i LEGGERI' collection consists of a range of acetate and a new contemporary metal line called 'Light Metal – ILEGGERI'. These frames are composed of stainless steel, lightweight, thin, modern contemporary and comfortable to wear. The use of stainless steel reflects highest level of quality while being comfortable to wear.

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