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Cutler and Gross

Cutler and Gross is a iconic British eyewear brand founded by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross in 1969. Cutler and Gross played an integral role in shifting the perception of eyewear glasses from medically necessary to a fashion statement that can elevate your look.



In the legendary early days, the partners Cutler and Gross had met each other at the optometry school in London’s Northampton Institute. It was the early 1960's that the two were highly motivated to build an eyewear business together – a bold plan they would be able to make reality. 

Originating from Knightsbridge, London, Cutler and Gross has a distinct style as it combines timeless luxury with the finest Italian craftsmanship and irrefutably cool style. The first models by Cutler and Gross were handmade by a legendary frame maker George Smith. The artisan had a workshop above the first boutique in Knightsbridge and crafted everything by hand. His wife color dyed all the lenses. The brand quickly outgrew their capacity  and has shifted their production to Italy. Now it produces their frames in Cadore, where skilled craftsmen continue the artisanal tradition.


They have loyal followers from around the world who love the subtlety of the their trademark designs and attention to detail of not adding a logo anywhere on their beautifully crafted frame.


The founders of Cutler and Gross believe that handcrafted eyeglasses and sunglasses should have noticeable imperfections, which is a sign that it’s handmade. This gives eyewear glasses character and make them unique to the wearer.


Cutler and Gross gained international exposure and captured the attention of influential celebrities including

  • Martin Scorcese celebrated his first Oscar win for “The Departed“ in 2007 in the Cutler and Gross model 0432.

  • Rihanna wore model 1053 for her premiere of “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets“, and

  • Meryl Streep who wore model 1102 cat-eye frame to the Oscars in 2018.

Throughout the 1980s and later, Cutler and Gross were a pioneering force as they were on a mission to make eyewear a true fashion accessory. The fashion forward looks they created are legendary. Marie Wilkinson played a key role as head of design. She has been with the brand since its establishment in 1982.

Key features that are signature to Cutler and Gross include

  • oversized D-frame model, and

  • L shaped pin

These features add a unique depth to their recognized look and provide additional support, strength, and stability to their frames.

We'll finish off with a famous quote by one of the founders:

“If you buy a handcrafted pair of glasses or sunglasses, you want to see the tiny inaccuracies, the straight, raw edges of the plastic, the pins – they give character, make them unique to the wearer. The Cutler and Gross customer has always been an individual. Eccentric maybe, but a rare breed, certainly.” 

– Graham Cutler

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