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Our Eyeglasses Lens Guide

Unique glasses shop in Calgary

Lenses with Benefits

We see as clearly as the quality of our lenses.

Every pair of glasses from Respect Eyecare come with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, anti-static, and oil-resistant lenses that block 100% of UV light at no additional charge. We believe in protecting your lenses so you can see better and happier.

Lenses, especially prescription glasses, dictate how well we see. We believe people should compliment their quality eyewear with quality lenses. Our Optometrist Calgary know that seeing clear reduces eye health benefits including less

  • eye strain, 

  • squinting, 

  • tired eyes

  • migraines, and

  • headaches. 

Our Optometrist Calgary have done their research and decided to partner with a local ophthalmic lab called Riverside Optical Lab for all of our prescription glasses. They offer 

  • digital glasses, 

  • progressives, 

  • office progressive glasses - for those who work with computer screens for long hours, 

  • night driving glasses - for those having difficulty with dim lighting or glare from headlights,

  • glasses that block blue light - read our blog for more info, and

  • and eye fatigue

Lenses from optical companies including Zeiss, Nikon, and Essilor are often higher in cost, and are 1 or 2 generations behind in lens technology. All of our glasses are engineered and sourced from world leading research and development optical companies.

Our lab engineers their own lens coating that include

  • anti-reflection, 

  • anti-static, 

  • scratch resistant, and 

  • oleophobic.

This makes our glasses that are easier to clean and clearer vision than most of the lenses out there. Our partnered ophthalmic lab continue to invest in research and development into producing coatings that give off no glare or reflection back from computer monitors and reduce the intensity of light from LED headlights with night driving.

They specialize in HIGH prescription glasses, plus (+) and minus (-) powers. 

Our lab is able to produce the thinnest and lightest lenses than many other places. Our team guides our clients to pick the best eyewear for style, and more importantly fit. Eyewear fit is a key factor in how well a lens will cosmetically turn out - lens thickness is not only dependent on lens index.

Glasses That Block Blue Light

We only offer blue embedded light protection.

Many places offer a lens coating version for blue light protection. These typically block only 20% of blue light, while blue blocking technology embedded in the lens matrix blocks 80-100% of blue light. Blue light causes eye strain, tired eyes, headaches, and migraines. Blue blocking glasses protect people from

  • Ultra-violet damage from the sun

  • LED headlights on vehicles

  • digital devices

Read more about the benefits of glasses that block blue light:


Progressive Lenses

Our progressive glasses tend to beat out many of the existing lenses out there. We offer only free form progressives that allow for wider peripheral vision with maximum reading zone. Our glasses portfolio include progressive lenses that tailor to a person’s need if they are 

  • Multiple computer screen user

  • Golfer

  • Long haul driver

  • Mobile device user

Camber Progressive Lenses

We offer the newest progressive lenses designed by IOT in Spain called Camber Lens Series. This is the best ophthalmic technology available in the world for the widest field of view, minimal distortion, and widest reading zone on the market. This lens is ideal for high plus glasses prescription who need to wear their glasses for distance and near.


Get in touch with us if you want to know more about how our lens products can help you see clearer.

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