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The Scandinavian eyewear brand ØRGREEN is known around the world for its dynamic designs and technical precision.


Orgreen started in 1997 and have been producing handcrafted eyewear with unique colour combinations that last for a lifetime. The designers believe the foundation of good design is offering superior, lightweight quality. They have influenced the entire eyewear Industry for 25 years with their visionary aesthetics.



What makes Orgreen special is their commitment to creating exceptional colour combinations.


They’ve been working with their in-house colorist Sahra. She’s behind the unique colour stories and the creator of Orgreen's alluring names, such as Matt Black Coffee, Rosebud, and Moonbean Grey. Drawing inspiration from art, design, architecture and nature, these hues are meticulously applied to high-end titanium, acetate as well as combination frames leading to subliming designs.


“It takes real skill to create that perfect combination that will hide those things you want to hide while accentuating all the beautiful features of your face. I like experimenting with transparent colors such as shades of nude, rose and blush, blending beautifully with thicker tones that create more definitive accents on the curves and the design of the frames.”

– Sahra Lysell, Ogreen Colorist


Orgreen initially started designing glasses using clean curves, aggressive lines, and cat-eye silhouettes inspired by classic cars. They have since extended their portfolio of materials that are constantly updated and added with new concepts. Orgreen is best known for specializing in using titanium for their eyewear collection and is the basis for their newer concept called Quantum, using Beta-Titanium that gives an extra bit of lightness and comfort. 


Orgreen decided to explore the use of acetate material in designing glasses, which opened a new field of colour combinations. This played an important role in Orgreen’s rise to prominence in the eyewear industry. 


The last of Orgreen’s eyewear portfolio consists of The Grand Danois collection. This represents their dedication to state-of-the-art craftsmanship combined with elegance in a selection of precious metal plated frames. Add a diamond and you look like gold.


“For me, eyewear is an aesthetic emotion, invisible but essential, adding strength, confidence, and pretence to the wearer’s personality. I design Ørgreen frames to offer people an atemporal, iconic style to connect their silhouette and create their own unique story.”

– Frederic Lassale, Head of Design


​The whole range of Orgreen products is handcrafted in Japan, which is widely recognized in eyewear manufacturing as the highest standard of quality. Collaborating with Japan has not only led to high quality frames, it also improved the entire working process. Orgreen combines Danish design ethos of precision and excellence with the love of detail and longevity for more than two decades.

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