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It’s the year 2020 and our little shop in Inglewood get to be honorably mentioned in a list of Calgary’s Optometrist. Feel free to check us out and our friends here.

We offer honest eyecare and handmade eyewear. Our eye doctor Dr. Steven Hoang serves Inglewood and Ramsay full time as their Optometrist. We offer comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fitting, same day emergency visits, and prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Our glasses and sunglasses come from all over the world and we decided to feature them in a way that represents their unique origin. We compliment each of our collections at our glasses shop Calgary with merchandise that reflects the culture and heritage. We curated merchandise locally from small businesses in Inglewood to compliment our eyewear display.

We understand the importance our eyes and vision have in a modern technologically savvy environment. We enjoy taking our time to explain each step of the eye exam journey and offering what we know is the best for our clients. Our Optometrist do not favour brands or what makes the best sale. We have personally tested all of our products and cater our recommendations based on a person’s lifestyle.

We use the latest technology in our eye exams with most of our instruments being computer automated. You will not find any outdated instruments here. We believe in using retinal imaging for all their clients to establish a foundational baseline of how their eyes work and look today. Our Optometrist enjoy walking clients through each imaging throughout their eye exam to empower them with information to take their eye health into their own hands.

We’ll keep pushing forward to see if we can do better than 20/20.

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