Germano Gambini, Italy

Origin: Italy

Designed and handmade in Italy


  • Simple,

  • essential lines,

  • original shapes,

  • lively colors

Germano Gambini has been designing and producing quality independent eyewear for over 100 years. They are known for

  • extraordinary creativity,

  • eclectic and fascinating character,

  • pioneer in research and trends.

They combine quality and glamour, color madness and simple, using clean lines. They offer the highest synthesis between quality, style, comfort and emotion. Germano Gambini’s is headquartered in Faoflex, Treviso where they produce their eyewear lines in Italy using high quality materials and craftsmanship.

After playing professional basketball, Germano Gambini opened his family business in optical in Bologna, Italy. He realized the importance of fashion eyewear and was the first to import the Pierre Cardin designer sunglasses. He eventually collaborated with famous designers like Ferrè, Trussardi and Coveri.

Germno Gambini focused on practicality and comfort of the eyeglasses, creating the Light line, famous for its frames with only 8 grams weigh. Other collections followed, always full of innovations and an unmistakable and innovative design:

  • the eyemasks, which allowed to sun tan without taking off your glasses,

  • Tessa, eyeglasses created with an unusual material such as plexiglass,

  • the Variety, made up with an innovative combination of plastic and metal and dedicated to the younger audience,

  • the Divine, among the first eyeglasses with Swarovski crystals, an expression of glamour and femininity which is now interpreted by Germano Gambini's Crystals line.

Germano Gambini was innovator and pioneer during a time when eyeglasses in Italy were considered little more than an uninspiring accessory. He had the courage to break the pattern of the dominant taste and to bring in the eyewear world a breath of fresh air:

forms, unusual materials and colors.

Paola Gambini, Germano Gambini's daughter, continues the family business legacy of her father's values with a strong sense of responsibility of not letting go her father's passion to high quality craftsmanship and to be "Made in Italy".

Germano Gambini Eyewear aims to share story of competence and passion, a reality with a long tradition, a history that represents the best of "Made in Italy."

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