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How to protect your eyes from UV damage?

It’s finally Spring time in the year 2020, and we want to educate our friends about the importance of UV protection. Did you know that UV light is reflected by

  • Water up to 100%

  • Snow up to 85%

  • Dry sand and concrete up to 25% UV light

A few common misconceptions of sunwear and UV are

1. All sunglasses have complete UV protection.

  • Not all sunwear offer 100% UV coverage. Always look for 100% blocking of UV-A AND UV-B.

2. You don’t need UV protection on cloudy or winter days.

  • The sun’s rays are just as harmful on overcast days as they are on clear. UV light from the sun can penetrate through clouds despite it not feeling warm out. Sunlight reflecting off snow increases your exposure to UV from the the ground.

3. Sunglasses protect 100% of your eye from harmful light.

  • We all want to look like rock stars wearing pair of shades. Unfortunately, many trendy styles can leave the sides of your face unshielded from UV light. Luckily, some of the most popular contact lens brands come equipped with added protection to fill in the gap.

Complimenting stylish UV-blocking sunglasses and contact lenses together is one way to maximize your UV protection from damage of the ocular surface and posterior retina. Check with our eye doctor and ask if you are a good candidate for contact lens with UV protection.

About the Author Dr. Steven Hoang received his Doctor of Optometry at the University of Waterloo. He serves as the owner and full-time eye doctor of Inglewood and Ramsay at Respect Eyecare. His special interest is in contact lenses and dry eye syndrome.

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