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To Buy Hubble Contacts or not…

We are big fans of any company that wants to bring the hip into eyecare, so we were excited to see Hubble Contacts come out in Canada. Their packaging is beautiful. Their pricing is pretty good. Finally! Someone who wants to make contact lenses sexier.

Then we decided to look a bit further, which we like to get our eyes on all things eye nerd related. We don’t want to offend any Hubble fans or the people at Hubble itself, but we feel it’s our duty to share our expertise and experience with the public.

We will stick to facts as to avoid getting personal: here’s the link Hubble Contacts product guide.

You want to focus in on their Dk (page 2/11) and lens material (pg. 2/11). Basically, Hubble Contacts are using first generation, we’re talking 1930’s to manufacture their soft contact lenses. No wonder their offering contacts at hard-to-beat low cost. We know contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel breathe 5-6x more oxygen than conventional hydrogel, don’t dry up as fast, and better lens edge design for blinking comfort.

These are the reasons why our Optometrist don’t offer Hubble contacts. There are better options out there in our opinion. Yes, they’re more $$$ than Hubble Contacts, but we think it’s worth the price for a healthier and more comfortable wear.

Feel free to ask us if you want to learn about is out there in the world of contact lenses.

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