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What Do We Think About Nerdwax?

You may have seen Nerdwax featured on Dragon’s Den.

We’re not going to lie that we felt a proud moment seeing these guys represent eye nerds around the world including the biggest ones right here - us. So, it’s hard for us to talk bad about their product. They’ve nailed a niche market that can help many frustrated eyeglass wearers.

We decided to test run Nerdwax on our eyeglasses and this is what we got:

  • Messy to put on

  • Lasts 1-2 days of full time wear; 2-3 days of part time wear

Nerdwax is a great concept, but we think it’s primarily born out of

  1. Poor eyewear design

  2. Poor eyewear fit

Plastic, or we prefer to say acetate, eyeglass frames are in. We get it. They’re more fun for eyewear designers to play with color and style than their metal counterparts. As a result of a big uptick in plastic frame wearers and increase in computer/digital device usage, the more people became frustrated with their eyeglasses sliding down their nose.

Do not fret, all is not lost.

We believe you can still keep on rocking your beautiful “no nose denting nose pad” (see image here if you don’t know what we’re talking about) plastic eyeglass without having to apply something like Nerdwax or even more hideous stick-on nose pads, which either come off easily or you can see stick out like a sore thumb.

We invite you to come see us and our eyewear collection if you struggle with your eyeglasses constantly sliding down your nose.

Keep those eyeglasses up where they should be without the need for Nerdwax.

About the Author Dr. Steven Hoang received his Doctor of Optometry at the University of Waterloo. He serves as the owner and full-time eye doctor of Inglewood and Ramsay at Respect Eyecare. His special interest is in contact lenses and dry eye syndrome.

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