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Inglewood Photoshoot - Look Again

Our owner and optometrist Dr. Steve set out to find a fun, creative way to feature our unique, handcrafted eyewear. He partnered with

  • Photographers: Louie and Dan at Light Theory Photography

  • Hair and Make Up Artists: Lisa and Chrissy at Topknot Parlour

For our models, Dr. Steve collaborated with local residents and shop owners of Inglewood to be included in this creative photoshoot. We had

  1. Carmen, Inglewood resident

  2. Harrison, owner of Murphy’s Mid-Century

  3. Tannis, Calgary Realtor and Inglewood resident

For our first model Carmen, our intention was to compliment her young, athletic features with modern, lightweight, with a pop of color eyewear. We intentionally selected eyewear by lool Eyewear and Orgreen Optics. These designs work well for active people who are wearing helmets, ball caps, and toques as the eyewear are thin and durable.

We intentionally chose two collections by Masunaga (Japan) and Anne et Valentin (France) to highlight our beautiful Tannis. She’s a working professional with a minimalist, neutral tone style. We wanted her to be seen in classy, timeless designs but not outdate her. We also featured her in Anne et Valentin to give her subtle accents of color with sophisticated shapes.

For our local small business owner and neighbor Harrison, we wanted to feature him in eyewear that complimented his masculine features. We decided to pair him with our frames designed in England and handmade in Italy by Cutler and Gross. We describe their collection as bold, masculine, and individualistic.

To view the rest of our “Look Again” photoshoot, please see our Pinterest page using this link here.

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