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What To Look For In Your Prescription Glasses

Here are our five tips to consider before you invest in your prescription glasses for clear, comfortable vision:

Say “NO” to Polycarbonate

People who play high impact activities benefit from the impact resistance of polycarbonate glasses. The downside about using polycarb is that these glasses have high chromatic aberrations, which result in poor optical quality i.e. clarity. We don’t recommend pairing a great glasses design/coatings with low standard lens. Polycarbonate is inexpensive and is softer than other materials, which means it scratches easier.

All-Inclusive Pricing

At Respect Eyecare, there are no hidden options. All of our glasses are fully-coated with anti-glare coating, oleophobic, anti-scratch, and anti-static, which means our lenses are easier to clean and less prone to fingerprints and eyelash oil streaking. Our glasses are also UV-protected by the high-index materials used. We believe in honesty.

Backside Anti-Reflection

All of our sunglass lenses include an anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens to cut out glare reaching your eyes. The visual comfort with backside anti-reflection is game changing, and you won’t go without it.

Performance & Quality over Brand

Progressive, gradual, or multifocal glasses are not all made equal. We don't recommending relying on known brand name alone when it comes to trusting the quality of your glasses for what you’re paying for. A common reason for the varying prices in lenses is simply on marketing, and not necessarily better technology. We’ve done our industry research and exclusively use tried and true glasses by local ophthalmic labs. Ask us.

Say “YES” to Independent Eyewear

We do not sell large corporate-branded products. We only offer eyewear that are legendary for quality. These collections are handcrafted in small batches and are made by people who pride themselves in making unique, well-made eyewear.

About the Author

Dr. Steven Hoang received his Doctor of Optometry at the University of Waterloo. He serves as the owner and full-time eye doctor of Inglewood and Ramsay at Respect Eyecare. His special interest is in contact lenses and dry eye syndrome.

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