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l.a. Eyeworks, LOS ANGELES

Origin: Los Angeles Designed in Los Angeles, California Handmade in Japan and Italy

Best for

  • petite,

  • colorful personality,

  • flat nose bridge fit,

  • expressive shapes

Barbara McReynolds & Gai Gherardi co-founded la Eyeworks in 1979 in pursuit of challenging the ingrained norms of eyewear design and fashion standards. They wanted a new, provocative, revelation of the face. The business partners opened up their first storefront location on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The brand continues to operate as a privately owned company of optical imagination who continue to support independent opticians and retailers around the world.

la Eyeworks eyeglasses are designed to be

  • original,

  • iconoclastic, and

  • always invigorating.

la Eyeworks are recognized by their

  • bold shapes,

  • imaginative handling of materials, and

  • expressive use of color.

McReynold and Gherardi first step in their design is a hand-drawn sketch, which inevitably journeys down a meticulous production where the finest materials are shaped in combination of technology and hand-finishing crafting. Every detail of their eyewear glasses from shaping and construction is continually reinvented as part of their designer’s restless imagination.

As opticians, McReynolds and Gherardi understood the importance of comfort and vision. They focused their creative, colorful, and bold designs on facial complexions and the principles of making a comfortable and fitted frame that accommodate a wide range of prescriptions, while still being fashionable.

la Eyeworks is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Italy and Japan which combine advanced technologies and hand finished crafting to complete their technical process. You will find eyeglass models in acetate and metal all manufactured in limited quantities. The creative team are able to focus on designing unique shapes and colours with innovative frame treatments to match the materials used in their models.

la Eyeworks eyeglasses balance innovation and wearability, walking a fine line between optical tradition and a redefining expression of the here and now. Many celebrities, performers, artists, and athletes sport their eyewear glasses, but la Eyeworks intention is for you to find a frame that fits your personality style, and not to the latest fashion trend.

The company has redefined the look and language of operating an eyewear company. They invest in architecturally designing their eyeglass cases. la Eyeworks continue to creatively investigate each detail of their business. You will find la Eyeworks infuses their values of

  • vision,

  • culture,

  • social equality,

  • freedom of expression, and

  • the odd power of a good pun into their brand.

This group has a love for artists and commission artist-designed cleaning cloths. Their motto is, “A face is a work of art. It deserves a great frame.”

You can find the beautiful la Eyeworks collection from sunny California at Respect Eyecare in Inglewood Calgary.

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